Our mission, the reason we created SciSummary.
To democratize research, for everyone.
In the vast expanse of research, where insights are buried beneath mountains of information, envision a tool that can distill the essence of any paper effortlessly.
Empowering Researchers Everywhere
Whether you're a seasoned scientist or a student navigating the world of academia, you've likely encountered the buzz surrounding the marvel and speed of Large Language Models or LLMs. SciSummary has harnesed the power of this breakthrough technology to empower hundreds of thousands of scientists, researchers and students to fast track their academic reading.
“I recommend SciSummary wherever I can”
Robert, Professor @ Technische Universität Berlin
“Emerging from the thesis writing pit to say that @elicitorg + @sci_summary + @highlights_app + @zotero is a winning combo that is utterly saving my mental health”
“It turned 1 hour into genuinely like a minute. I think a game changer is an understatement!”
Evan, Researcher @ Michigan State
A Team on a Mission
Crafting the Future of Research Analysis
Our mission at SciSummary is to make research accessible and digestible for everyone. We believe that a more rounded understanding of the world leads to more insightful discoveries. Born out of the necessity for simplified research analysis, SciSummary has evolved from its initial iteration, developed over a week, and blossomed into a tool that is reshaping the landscape of research analysis.
Keith Hermann Profile
Keith Hermann
Marketing / Science Advisor
Keith is a Ph.D. Chemist turned business guy who has been heavily involved with literature research tools throughout his career, working on a couple of startup products that sought to leverage natural language processing and SaaS database solutions.
Max Heckel Profile
Max Heckel
Founder / CTO
Max Heckel is now a 2x technical founder, former engineering lead at McGraw Hill Education and ex-Google engineer with 12 years of Software engineering experience and expertise in this space is leading the team.
Erica Price Profile
Erica Price
User Experience Design
With 9+ years in UX/UI design, Erica specializes in crafting digital experiences. Currently at Yum Brands, she's now navigating the startup world, bringing her seasoned expertise to drive impactful design solutions.